Let’s Get Creative!

Do you have some good business ideas, but are not sure how to implement them? Need some creative input on your current project? Are you stuck with a technical problem you don’t yet know how to solve? Are you on a tight budget? We know from experience that complex challenges require creative solutions. So, let’s get creative! Avery Design and Consulting provides unique computer based solutions to a variety of markets. Whether your project requires technical or creative design services, we are dedicated to your success and take great pride in achieving 100% satisfaction. We offer a personal touch that is re-assuring and refreshing.

Diversity is Our Strength

Often times, your project requirements span across many areas of expertise. Can you afford to hire a specialist for every aspect of the project? If so, where do you turn to find the right match? We have experience in a wide variety of technical AND creative fields that can be applied to your specific needs. Often times, we can complete your entire project “in house”. For those instances that require more specialized knowledge and experience, we can lean on our network of specialists to make sure your project gets done on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.


Technical or creative, we’ve got you covered:

  • System design – hardware & software solutions, Open Source implementation, application development (mobile & desktop).
  • Website design & development – E-commerce, Web 2.0, CMS, HTML 5, mobile web, client/server application development.
  • Architectural design and drafting – CAD, illustration, 3D modeling & rendering.
  • Digital content creation and computer graphics – video post production, compositing, motion graphics, 3D animation, visual effects, logo design, graphic arts.
  • Computer training and education – hardware & software essentials, screen-cast production, technical & manual writing, on-site discussion.