We offer a variety of web development services, from graphical design to coding and implementation. Using the latest web technologies, we create websites that met  our clients unique needs. We currently specialize in Open Source solutions for Content Management Systems and Frameworks.

Need a custom website for your business or project? How about new custom graphics or animations for your website? Our mastery of graphics creation and web authoring tools & techniques allows us to produce unique page layouts using conventions for usability and layout in mind. Since we also have artistic talent using traditional mediums, we can combine our digital and “by-hand” art skills to produce a custom look. We have created custom HTML & CSS templates, graphical page layouts, static websites, menus, buttons, banners, headers, web graphics, and navigation designs for our varied clients. We strive to do this well so you and your organization stand out as unique and special.

Would you like to manage your own content quickly and easily? Our familiarity with the latest web technologies, tools, & techniques allow us to produce powerful and functional data driven websites that can expand to your growing needs. We specialize in the use of popular Open Source content management systems (CMS) based on Linux, Apache, PHP, Ajax, and MySQL (LAMP). We strictly adhere to WC3 standards and are obsessed with cross-platform browser compatibility. We follow the most current SEO practices to get your site noticed and ranked well. We have created several CMS and Intranet web sites for our varied clients using WordPress, Joomla, Dot Project, Owl Intranet, Expression Engine, and others. We strive to be as comprehensive and efficient as possible, so you get what you need without high development costs.

The Process

How do we get the work done?  We consult with you to define the scope of work, giving recommendations within the project’s time, budget, and technical constraints.  After proposal acceptance, we then conceptualize and draft sketches or digital proofs of original ideas. We then create for client approval a Photoshop layout showing graphics, navigation, and typography. After approval, the layout is converted to HTML and CSS templates for use down-line in the development phase of the project.

If a CMS framework is used, then one of two options are available, depending on the budget.  Either customization of an existing site template or theme is agreed upon and implemented, or a new template or theme is developed from scratch. Additional CMS extensions, plug-ins, or add-ons are installed, configured and tested as required.

Tools (not a complete list):

  • Animation: Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Flash).
  • HTML & CSS Coding: Eclipse, ConTEXT.
  • 2D Graphics Creation & Editing:  Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Inkscape, The GIMP.
  • CMS: Expression Engine, Joomla, WordPress, Concrete 5, Open Realty.
  • Javascript/ PHP/ CSS Frameworks:  jQuery, Zend, Bootstrap.


Client List:

  • Advanced Tree, Kill Devil Hills, NC (in cooperation with Naryana, Inc.) – Click Here to visit the site.
  • Bob’s Wild Horse Tours, Corolla, NC (in cooperation with Naryana, Inc.) – Click Here to visit the site.
  • Scarborough Lane Shoppes, Corolla, NC (in cooperation with Naryana, Inc.) – Click Here to visit the site.
  • Enhance ICD, Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Click Here to visit the site.
  • Outer Banks This Week, Outer Banks, NC (in cooperation with Destination Commerce Corp.) – Click Here to visit the site.
  • Networx, Inc., Las Vegas, NV
  • 1-800-Flooded, CA
  • Urban Display Network LLC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Glamour Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
  • AveTech Design, Las Vegas, NV
  • Lori Shannon Realtor, Las Vegas, NV
  • The Mortgage Shoppe, Las Vegas, NV
  • The Digital Model Shop, Las Vegas, NV
  • Dowell Furniture, Liberty, KY
  • Premier Tours, NY,NY

A few sample websites created using both static page and database driven models. WordPress, Expression Engine, Joomla, and Open Realty were used for CMS website examples. Some sites that are no longer live are presented using screen captures.