Simulation/ Pre-Visualization Animation

How do you help clients, patients, investors, courts, or colleagues perceive your ideas before the can be realized?  3D computer animation is an excellent method of pre-visualization and simulation.  We have produced technically challenging animations for various clients that accurately simulated their proposed project ideas.  Whether it be for electro-mechanical systems visualization, medical animation, legal animation (crime scene/ accident re-creation), or product development, we have the skills and vision to convey your designs accurately. We offer a full gamut of animation services including concept development and story-boarding, modeling, surfacing, animation setup, rigging, technical direction, and rendering.

The Process

How do we get the work done?  We consult with you to define the scope of work, giving recommendations within the project’s time, budget, and technical constraints.   After contract negotiation, we conceptualize, create, and develop any custom or proprietary content.  We script and/or storyboard the presentation for client review.  When applicable, we then model, surface and test render all objects used in a scene for client review.  Next we set up the actual scene by placing environments, objects and other elements.  We next keyframe animate all moving scene elements and test render for timing and aesthetics.  After final client approval, the scene is rendered and sent to editing.  Final touches like music, audio, 2D compositing, and VFX are added during editing.  The end result is a quality digital movie that can be output to many different digital or analogue formats for final delivery.

Tools (not a complete list):

  • 3D Modeling/ Surfacing/ Rendering/ Animation: Lightwave 3D, Poser 3D, Eon Vue.
  • 2D Animation/ Compositing/ VFX: Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Flash), Particle Illusion, Digital Fusion.
  • Audio/ Video Editing: Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Encore, Soundbooth), Audacity.
  • 2D Graphics Creation & Editing:  Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Inkscape, The GIMP.

Client List:

  • Celerity Automation, Paintsville, KY
  • Ad Art ESC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Computer animation is an excellent resource for viewing a product or structure in context before it can be actually built. Browse samples that demonstrate our ability to accurately simulate various projects built for the mechanical retrieval systems and electronic display markets.