We provide digital content services including the production of 2D animation, visual effects, video & image composites, broadcast graphics, animated backgrounds and more. Let us tackle your next big presentation idea.

Broadcast Graphics

Need to add some extra “punch” to your presentation? We have experience creating flying logos, lower third crawls, animated intros, typography effects, motion graphics, and many other styles of broadcast graphics.  Whether it be for broadcast television, TV commercials, Web banners and advertisements, corporate presentations, or outdoor electronic advertising, we have the skills and vision to jazz up any production.

Visual Effects

Sometimes a client requires some technical finesse to finish off a production.  Need to add VFX like particle effects to your video? How about custom match moving of CG elements to captured video?  What about plate clean up and color correction?  We have experience creating particle effects like smoke & fire, custom DVEs, motion tracking effects, CG composites, and many other video/special effects.  Whether it be for broadcast television, TV commercials, Web banners and advertisements, corporate presentations, or outdoor electronic advertising, we have the technical skills and talent to add quality special effects to your production.

Outdoor Electronic Display Advertisements

It is especially important in the outdoor advertising industry to make your message stand out from the crowd. Screen resolutions can be smaller and quite limiting at times with outdoor electronic displays. Computer animation and motion graphics can make the most of each pixel while educating and entertaining viewers.  We have practical expertise with this unique advertising medium.

The Process

How do we get the work done?  We consult with you to define the scope of work, giving recommendations within the project’s time, budget, and technical constraints.   After contract negotiation, we conceptualize, create, and develop any custom or proprietary content.  We script and/or storyboard the presentation for client review.  When applicable, we then model, surface and test render all objects used in a scene for client review.  Next we set up the actual scene by placing environments, objects and other elements.  We next keyframe animate all moving scene elements and test render for timing and aesthetics.  After final client approval, the scene is rendered and sent to editing.  Final touches like music, audio, 2D compositing, and VFX are added during editing.  The end result is a quality digital movie that can be output to many different digital or analogue formats for final delivery.

Tools (not a complete list):

  • 3D Modeling/ Surfacing/ Rendering/ Animation: Lightwave 3D, Poser 3D, Eon Vue.
  • 2D Animation/ Compositing/ VFX: Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Flash), Particle Illusion, Digital Fusion.
  • Audio/ Video Editing: Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Encore, Soundbooth), Audacity.
  • 2D Graphics Creation & Editing:  Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Inkscape, The GIMP.

Client List:

  • WCRB Channel 3 News, Chattanooga, TN
  • Hamilton Place Mall, Chattanooga, TN
  • Ad Art ESC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Alaris Media Network, SF Bay, CA
  • Urban Display Network LLC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Streetrodposters.com
  • Circus Circus Resorts, Las Vegas, NV
  • Yellowbook, CA
  • Don Bell Sign Industries, Inc., Daytona Beach, FL
  • National Organ Tissue Doners of America
  • Baker Boys Affordable Golf, Las Vegas, NV
  • Display Technologies, Inc.
  • O’Aces Bar & Grill, Las Vegas, NV
  • Ad Art ESC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Circus Circus Resorts, Las Vegas, NV
  • Avetech Design, Las Vegas, NV

Motion graphics can educate and entertain. View several examples of broadcast style 2D and 3D motion graphics and animations that did just that. Samples include Flying logos, program introductions, compositions, and electronic video board advertisements. Computer animation is a terrific supplement to the more common video and audio elements used in advertising. These samples show how animation can clarify product usability or just add some “punch” to a commercial advertisement.