We offer system design services – including hardware & software solutions, LAN and WAN network design, custom back-up solutions, and video control room design.

IT System Design & Implementation

Need a computer hardware or software solution for your unique business needs?  Need someone to design and set up a LAN or WAN for your organization?  What about consultation and support for your computer based project?  We have provided various end-to-end hardware & software solutions for our clients including LAN and WAN design and setup, corporate Intranets, custom back-up solutions, 3D render farms, digital signage networks, video security systems, and video control rooms.  We focus on using Linux and other Open Source software to provide reliable and inexpensive solutions for typical IT applications.  Our knowledge of Open Source web technologies enable us to harness the power of the Internet to securely connect our clients.  When you need a Server, LAN, WAN, VPN, Intranet, or custom software solution, we can design an Open Source system for you that will save you a boat load of cash.

The Process

How do we get the work done?  We consult with you to define the scope of work, giving recommendations within the project’s time, budget, and technical constraints.  We asses your actual needs, and then do research to find the most appropriate solution.  After contract negotiation, we then draft requirements documentation.  Depending on the type of project or system, we then go to work developing a design strategy and do the required research to make the design work.  We document and present our design for client approval.  After client approval, we plan a strategy for implementation.  The project is complete when all requirements are met, installation and configuration is finished, and our client is satisfied.


  • Too many to mention – we focus on Open Source software solutions and commodity hardware.

Client List:

  • System Design Works, Las Vegas, NV
  • Urban Display Network LLC, Las Vegas, NV
  • Ad Art Electronic Sign Corp., Las Vegas, NV
  • Wilkes/Barre Yankees, Scranton, PA
  • Frederick Keys, Frederick, MD