Competitive Hourly Rates & Reasonable Payment Terms

Since the “going rate” of various services will vary in the marketplace, we decided to vary our rates based on the type of service required.  That way, we do not overcharge for what is actually needed by demanding a high static rate that may not apply to a project. Since our overhead is low (because we operate out of our home/office studio), we pass the savings on to our clients.

We offer free initial consultation in order to define the scope of work for your project and to prepare a written proposal. Proposals are merely cost/time estimates based on the scope of work documented therein.  Proposals are needed to ensure that both parties understand what they are agreeing to. We prefer using proposals verses contracts because we like to keep our agreements flexible and practical – allowing for changes that inevitably come along. We feel that being reasonable and trustworthy when making an agreement is far more valuable than detailing every possible contingency in a rigid contract. When a proposal is signed and accepted, we expect our clients to honor it. Preparing a proposal can be very time consuming. Therefore, we require that all clients sign a confidentiality agreement before preparing a proposal, so that they agree not to show our proposal to competitors in an attempt to underbid us.

After a proposal is agreed upon by both parties, signed, and accepted – a 50% payment is required before work commences. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the project.

Below is a basic summary of hourly “shop rates” we typically charge for our time and talents.

Graphic Arts / Creative services:

  • Creative writing:  $45 per hour
  • Graphics editing: $35 per hour
  • Graphics creation (original traditional or digital artwork): $55 per hour

Digital Content Creation / Animation & Rendering / 3D modeling / Video Post Production Services:

  • Story-boarding: $50 per hour
  • Modeling/animation/rigging: $50 per hour
  • Animation rendering (on in-house 8 node render farm): $10 per hour
  • Video editing, compositing, VFX, post-processing: $50 per hour

Web Design & Development:

  • Web administrative/ SEO tasks: $55 per hour
  • SEO optimized creative writing:  $45 per hour
  • Web design (custom page/template layout): $55 per hour
  • Web development – HTML/CSS/CMS (installation/configuration/customization): $75 per hour
  • Web/App programming (client/server, desktop, mobile, database): $85 per hour
  • Data entry: $20 per hour

Software Application Development:

  • Software architecture design / documentation: $65 per hour
  • Software programming / coding: $85 per hour

Architectural Drafting & Design:

  • CAD (drafting only): $45 per hour (or optionally, $2 per square foot of building area)
  • CADD (design & drafting): $65 per hour (or optionally, $3 per square foot of building area)

Technical Services:

  • Technical writing:  $45 per hour
  • System Design & implementation: $50 per hour
  • Training: $45 per hour
  • Support: $35 per hour
  • Consultation (beyond initial consultation): $50 per hour